Friends of the Earth Cymru

Ynni Ni or Our Energy was developed as an information hub to organise and share resources relating to community and renewable energy projects. It is a side project of Friends of the Earth (FOE) and used to test the need for such an initiative in the future. The identity needed to be sympathetic to FOE branding and purposefully avoids the usual environmental symbolism of leaves, globes etc. The logo combines the three natural resources: sun, wind and water with a simplified human form which reflects community participation. Branding, stationery and a temporary website was created in English and Welsh.

Pedal for the Planet was an alternative event to the marches organised nationally to raise awareness of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. The large scale, organised cycle ride was managed by several charities including Sustrans and Stop Climate Chaos which gathered at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay. The bi-lingual campaign was marketed using posters, bike accessories and social media.